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  • Lee, Dae-Young

Laboratory Introduction

We aim to create innovative robotics and mechanical mechanisms for aerospace applications. We seek potentials within new approaches to machine design such as origami-inspired mechanism, soft robotics, and active material, and exploit these new techniques to realize new concept aerospace applications that did not previously exist.

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  • Office : N7-5 bldg. #208
  • Laboratory : N7-5 bldg. #102

Research Field 

  • Origami Engineering, Space Robotics, Active Materials  

  • Design new application concepts and build prototypes

Origami-inspired transformable wheels with high-load capacity. A breakthrough in the load-bearing limit of general origami mechanisms has been made through a specially designed origami pattern and manufacturing method. A proposed wheel prototype is capable of bearing more than a 10-kN load, and the performance was validated through a field test with a passenger vehicle. (High Payload Origami Wheel, Science Robotics, vol. 6, no. 53, 2021 Cover)

  • Robotic and mechanical mechanism design

Pattern transition from paper model to wheel prototype. We build an origami design framework including not only kinematical characteristics but also geometries, material properties, and unique conditions of target applications.

  • Develop fabrication methods and toolkits

Fabrication steps of high load capacity origami wheel. Along with building a new design framework, one of our main goals is the actual implementation of the design. All considerations for practical implementation, from material selection to processing methods, will be part of the study.