• Strategic Aerospace Initiative
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  • Strategic Aerospace Initiative
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  • Ahn, Jae-myung

Laboratory Introduction

Professor Jaemyung Ahn, of the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), is leading the Strategic Aerospace Initiative (SAI) since 2010. SAI deals with high-level strategic issues that affect aerospace systems, and works on optimizing the systems and developing frameworks to operate and evaluate them. Currently, SAI researches on solving complex and multi-disciplinary problems, which include UAV path planning, autonomous decision-making, complex system analysis, reusable launch vehicle design, and satellite constellation operation/design. SAI is expanding its field of research, including the application of deep reinforcement learning to optimize complex aerospace systems.

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  • Tel : 042-350-3730
  • Office : N7-2 bldg. #3306

Research field

  • Aerospace system optimization, UAV path optimization, Reusable launch vehicle design, Satellite constellation operation/design

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