• Global Navigation Satellite Systems
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  • 2021-10-11 16:57:42|
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  • Global Navigation Satellite Systems
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  • Lee, Ji-yun

Laboratory Introduction

Global Navigation Satellite Systems Laboratory (GNSS Lab) performs fundamental and applied research in navigation and remote sensing. We recently focus on high-integrity navigation, sensor fusion (e.g., GNSS, INS, LiDAR, RADAR, vision sensor, etc.), and remote sensing using GNSS. Our study of high-integrity navigation and sensor fusion aims at enabling not only civil aviation safety operations, but also future transportation systems. These include but are not limited to urban air mobility (UAM), autonomous vehicles, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). The GNSS remote sensing research will increase our knowledge of space weather, Earth’s atmosphere, and improve the capability to detect natural hazards.

Research field

  • Navigation integrity, Sensor fusion, Remote sensing
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