• Smart Structures and H/W Systems
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  • 2021-10-11 17:08:21|
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  • Smart Structures and H/W Systems
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  • Han, Jae-Hung

Laboratory Introduction

In the Smart Structures & H/W Systems Lab (SSHS Lab), various fields in the aerospace field such as shock wave manipulation, shock and vibration isolation, deployable space structure, satellite structure, biomimic flapping vehicle, UAV docking, etc. research is in progress. In addition, we are conducting research on better performance aerospace structures and hardware systems using smart materials and IT technologies (AI, Vision, Micro controllers). We actively exchange and collaborate with various leading research groups.

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  • Tel : 042-350-3723
  • Office : N7-5 bldg. #301


  • Smart structures, Bio-inspired flapping air vehicles, Vibration control, Deployable structures, Satellite structure

Laboratory Image