• KAIST Non-equilibrium Gas and Plasma Dynamics Lab (KNGPDL)
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  • KAIST Non-equilibrium Gas and Plasma Dynamics Lab (KNGPDL)
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  • Jun, Eun-ji
Laboratory Introduction

Space exploration vehicles flying to the destination and spacecrafts passing through the upper atmosphere of a planet experience non-equilibrium rarefied or multiscale gas flow. Our research focuses on numerical investigation of various non-equilibrium and mutiscale flow based on kinetic molecular theory. For example, we numerically study the physical phenomena around space vehicles or satellites, including hypersonic and plasma flow. This is an essential part of the Entry, Descent, and Landing (EDL) sequence of a planetary exploration landing mission. We do also study non-equilibrium plasma physics of electric propulsion such as hall thruster and ion thruster.

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Research field

  • Kinetic theory, Rarefied Gas Dynamics, Non-equilibrium Gas Dynamics, Multiscale Gas Dynamics, Hypersonic flow, Plasma flow

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