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  • Lee, Jung-Ryul

Laboratory Introduction

The Opto-Electro-Robotics Lab (OERL), by professor Jung-Ryul Lee in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at KAIST, is conducting research that uses technologies such as robots, lasers, antennas, and artificial intelligence to enable sensing, nondestructive testing, and performance measurement of various structures and environments. In particular, OERL is focusing on developing ‘Robotic and optical nondestructive sensing’, ‘Structural health monitoring’, ‘Stealth and radome technologies’, ‘Composites’, and ‘Additive manufacturing’, ‘Diagnostic artificial intelligence’. These technologies are being applied to various fields, such as ‘Smart hangar’, ‘Space launcher’, ‘Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV: UAM, UCAV)’, ‘New mobilities’, ‘Wind turbine’, ‘Fighter’, etc. In addition, OERL is researching in collaboration with domestic and international leading research institutes such as ‘Boeing’, ‘Samsung Electronics’, ‘Hyundai Motors’, ‘Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI)’, ‘Korean Air’, ‘Aero Technology Research Institute, ROKAF’, etc.

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  • Tel : 042-350-3768
  • Office : N7-2 bldg. #3334

Research field

  • Robotic and optical nondestructive sensing, Structural health monitoring, Stealth and radome technology, Diagnostic Artificial Intelligence, Composites, Additive Manufacturing

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