• 19th KAIST Cho Jung Hoon Academic Award Ceremony Held
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  • 2023-05-22 13:28:05|
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On May 12, 2023, at 11:00 AM in the Main Building's 2nd Conference Room, the "19th KAIST Cho Jung Hoon Academic Award" ceremony took place. KAIST Professor Choi Han-lim was selected as the recipient of the academic award, and scholarships were awarded to KAIST's Aerospace Engineering doctoral candidate Jung Joong-young, Korea university's Mechanical Engineering master's candidate Jang Kwang-jin, and Kongju National University High School student Lee Man-gil.

The event was attended by Vice President Lee Kyun-min, Chairman Kwon Se-jin, Vice Chairman Park Jeong-joo, Department Chair Lee Jung-ryul, and the Professor Cho Dong-gil, the bereaved family. Additionally, the 12th awardee, Kim Soo-jong, CEO of Inospace attended the ceremony, and professor Park Hyuk, the 15th awardee, sent a congratulatory video.

Established in May 2003 to honor the late Dr. Cho Jung Hoon, who tragically passed away during rocket experiments at the KAIST Rocket Laboratory, the KAIST Cho Jung Hoon Academic Award has been recognizing young scientists who have achieved outstanding research accomplishments in the field of aerospace engineering since 2005. The award includes a prize of 25 million KRW for the awardee, 4 million KRW for university students, and 3 million KRW for high school students.