Department notice

Department notice

  • Information on the admission information session for the Department of Aerospace Engineering in the fall semester of 2022
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  • 2022-06-17 15:45:34|
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Aerospace engineering department of KAIST invites students interested in entering the graduate school of aerospace engineering at KAIST to the briefing session of entrance.

The briefing session of entrance introduces information on the entrance examination process of the Ph.D./Master's course and allows you to talk to research students in areas of interest.

This entrance examination briefing will be held online due to the COVID-19 incident.

If you apply through the pre-registration link, we will share the Zoom link individually with the participants.

We ask for the active participation of interested students.

Date: June 27th, 2022 (Monday) from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Pre-registration link:

Subject: Students enrolled in related departments (Aerospace/mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engieering, computer science, etc.) who are interested in entering the graduate school of Aerospace Engineering.

Contents of the briefing session: Introduction to graduate schools in the department, introduction to key research fields, introduction of entrance examination schedules (Doctor/Master's degree), and meeting of enrolled students.