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Department notice

  • 2023년도 Joint/Dual Degree Programs 지원사업 시행
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1. References: Implementation of Support Program for 2019 Joint/Dual Degree

  Program (Academic & Student Affairs Team of College of Engineering—144,



2. In relation to the above, the College of Engineering will implement a program to support the 2023 joint/dual degree programs as follows, to contribute to the internationalization of KAIST by facilitating the student / research exchanges, and promote close cooperation and create an environment for joint research with partner universities. Academic departments/schools are requested to recommend qualified students.

= Details =

  a. Support program overview

    A program to support the living expenses(scholarship) for outbound KAIST

    students who are to be dispatched to partner universities which concluded a

    joint degree program agreement with KAIST

  b. Support details




 Students of Master and PhD’s degree program


 -First year Master's degree student whose undergraduate GPA is 3.5 or higher

 -2nd year* or higher graduate student whose overall GPA of graduate program is 3.5 or higher

  *The year when the applicant begins the dual degree program


Up to a maximum of 1 year/person

No. of supported students selected

 0 persons

 ※ Selection within budget range

Amount of support

 KRW 600,000/month, person

- Resources: ICC Fund

Support conditions

 - Support from the College of Engineering is limited to the students who are provided additional support for living expenses by the department/school or advisor (the amount is allowed to be set autonomously).

 - To be provided up to a maximum of 42 months (3.5 years) per year for each school/department

    ※Unless there is a special reason, it is not allowed to split 42 months among multiple students.

  c. How to apply : Please fill out the application form (attached) and submit it.

  d. Application deadline : Feb. 3 (Friday), 2023


  e. Miscellaneous

    - Priority is given to students to be dispatched to the universities which have

      sent students to KAIST for the past three years or are expected to send

      students for the bilateral (one-to-one) exchange under the joint degree

      programs concluded with KAIST.

  - In principle, support is provided to the students who do not receive living

    expenses from the host university.



Attachment : Support Program for 2023 Joint/Dual degree Programs. End.

(In the event of misinterpretation arising from cultural differences, the original text in Korean shall take precedence over the English translation.)

The above application is due by February 1, 2023, and please submit it to the person in charge of the department's administrative office (T.3708,