Major research outcome

Major research outcome

  • Opto-Electro Robotics Lab(Prof. Jung-Ryul Lee), developed the simultaneous external and internal in
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Opto-Electro Robotics Lab(Prof. Jung-Ryul Lee) developed the simultaneous external and internal inspection system for launch vehicle.

Former systems take more time to inspect seperately launch vehicle's non-destructive evaluation external and internal side, but this new system of OERL uses dual laser system to reduce inspection time dramatically based on rotational ultrasonic propagation imaging and laser displacement sensing. 

This system can clearly visualize not only external defects (dimples) using laser displacement sensing with 2D median filtering and 2D fast-Fourier transform but also internal defects (de-bonding) using ultrasonic propagation imaging. In addition, it was confirmed that the measurement accuracy was 99% or higher, measured from cylindrical composite lattce-skin structure with defects. 

This results is expected to be able to quickly and accurately detect defects in all cylindrical structures used in the aerospace industry as well as being used to simultaneously inspect external and internal defects of a launch vehicle.

This work was published in top-tier journal in composite field "Composite Structures" (IF: 5.407), First Author: Ji-Hyung Ahn M.S. (now in KIA motors), Online published on August 19th, Published  on November 15th(vol. 276)

Title: Simultaneous External and Internal Inspection of Cylindrical CFRP Lattice-Skin Structure based on Rotational Ultrasonic Propagation Imaging and Laser Displacement Sensing
Authors : Ji-Hyung Ahn, Salah ud Din, Hasan Ahmed, Jung-Ryul Lee