• Dae-Young Lee / Assistant Professor
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  • 2022-04-18 15:29:20|
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Dae-Young Lee

Assistant Professor

Hello, I am Dae-Young Lee, a new faculty member of the Department of Aerospace Engineering. I received a B.S. from Pohang University of Science and Technology, a S.M. and a Ph.D. from Seoul National University. Afterward, I worked as a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard Microrobotics Lab and joined KAIST on Oct. 1st, 2021. My research has been aimed at developing new concepts of robotic applications and mechanisms. Accordingly, I have tried methods that are not commonly used by others, and origami, a paper folding inspired design technique, is one of my main research areas. Origami and mechanism design may seem like an unfamiliar combination, but in fact, it has been used in many places, from umbrellas, foldable furniture to space applications like satellite solar panels, space sails, and foldable antennas.

About my research

As a next step, I plan to devise diverse space missions and create innovative mechanisms and robot systems to serve that purpose. My research will cover a range of topics, including a foldable planetary rover, a gigantic gripper for collecting space debris, a deployable shield for satellites, and a self-assembled space habitat. The main research activity will be to implement creative methods to solve problems exploiting various mechanism design techniques from traditional mechanism design to cutting-edge technologies such as origami, biomimetic mechanisms, soft robotics, and smart materials.