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Sangwon Kim

Undergraduate Student

I'm Sangwon Kim, majoring in aerospace engineering. In addition to aerospace engineering, I am interested in appropriate technology. Since 2019, I have participated in various domestic and international volunteer activities while working as KAIST Global Student Volunteer Group. I especially remember the overseas volunteer activities conducted in Tanzania and Cambodia before the COVID-19 epidemic.

About my research

In the summer of 2019, as a KAIST-Tanzania volunteer group supported by NIA and KAIST, we were dispatched to Tanzania with team members for about four weeks to implement climate data transmission and reception systems using drones, CNC development and workshops using E-waste, and solar energy Pre-payment systems. As we proceeded with the project, we prioritized our concerns about ‘how can these technology developments be maintained sustainably rather than just one time?’. Our team actively interacted with local engineers and residents. While we conducting workshops on the necessity, production, and utilization of technology, we continued to strive for sustainable development of technology as the objective of projects and education. As a result of the above project, we won the "2019 World Friends ICT Volunteer Team Excellent Activity Team Award" with the volunteer team members.

In the winter semester of 2019, I was dispatched to Ewha Srang School in Cambodia as a KAIST-Ji Young-seok Cambodian volunteer group to plan and conduct math, science, and ICT education programs for middle and high school students. They were so unfamiliar with English that they had to conduct classes with interpreters. Although it was difficult to communicate, it was a meaningful experience to build a strong emotional bond with students while conducting the educational program.

As COVID-19 has become popular since 2020, it has been difficult to carry out various face-to-face volunteer activities, including overseas volunteer activities. While looking for ways to participate in volunteer activities in a non-face-to-face manner, I was able to find a college student education donation program. As it became difficult for the school education system to be carried out smoothly due to the COVID-19 incident, we have produced a number of educational donation contents in the field of mathematics and science, mixing online and offline so that there are no students away from education. While conducting volunteer activities in non-face-to-face situations, we presented a volunteer model that can be applied to the post-corona era, and won the "2020 College Student Education Donation Program (Online Education Donation) Minister of Education Award" as a result of the above project. In addition, I planned and conducted educational programs in the ICT field online while working as Uganda ICT volunteer group for the winter semester of 2020.

The memories I made while participating in two overseas volunteer activities and various face-to-face/non-face-to-face volunteer activities are still my precious nourishment. I sincerely hope that the day will come when I will be freed from COVID-19 before graduation and once again leave for overseas volunteer activities. If you have a chance later, I think you will be able to learn and gain a lot from participating in various volunteer activities!