Department notice

Department notice

  • Recommend students for Ecole Polytechnique Internship Program 2023
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We will guide you.

If you wish to be dispatched, please forward the relevant documents to the Department Administration Office (Changhoon Lee, by February 6, 2023.

Thank you.


1. The International Relations Team has concluded a cooperation agreement with Ecole Polytechnique, one of the most prestigious universities in France as Grandes écoles, to pursue a variety of exchange programs. Under the agreement, we seek to send our students to the 2023 Ecole Polytechnique Internship program.

2. In relation to this, each department is to recommend candidates who meet the requirements described below to the International Relations Team by February 8th (Wednesday), 2023.

- Details -

 a. Duration : 3 months ~ 6 months (2023)

     * Depending on the internship period, dispatch period possible to be

       extended without taking a leave of absence.*

 b. Research interests : Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Computational Sociology, Mechanics/Biology, Biomechanics, Computer Science, Social Sciences, etc.

     * refer to the attached file for the eligibility and program period.


 c. Financial Support

   1) KRW 2.5 million (Equivalent to air fares, provided by the International Relations Team)

   2) Monthly stipends (provided by Ecole Polytechnique)

 d. Eligibility

   1) 3rd and 4th year Undergraduate students (at present, Students who just

      finished the 4th semester and graduating in coming February are not eligible)

   2) Master’s and PhD students

   * For Eligibility and the program period, please refer to the attached file.

 e. Application requirements

   1) GPA of 3.5 or higher

   2) A minimum score of TOEFL iBT 83 or its equivalent in other English language proficiency tests (certificate required)

   3) Research experience preferred

   ※ Department’s official recommendation is required.

 f. Required documents

 1) Copy of passport

 2) Transcripts (English)

 3) Certificate of Official English proficiency test score

 4) Application Form (attachment 1)

 5) Resume (Free form)

 6) Statement of Purpose (Free form / motivation, research field,

    internship subjects or research areas you are interested in, and

    why you are qualified for these subjects, etc.)

 7) Email copies of recommendations from two professors

  (Please submit the printed recommendation emails from two professors.

  The two professors will receive the confirmation email of the student

  recommendation from the automatic system of the partner university.)


 g. Deadline and how to apply

   - Please send an official document to the International Relations Team by

     Feb. 8th (Wednesday), 2023.

   - Ecole Polytechnique Online application deadline for students : Feb. 13th (Monday), 2023

   - Final decision will be made by the laboratories of Ecole Polytechnique.

     (early March)

Attachments: 1. Application Form.

            2. Internship Subjects_Eligibility and Duration. End.

(In the event of misinterpretation arising from cultural differences, the original text in Korean shall take precedence over the English translation.)