• Solid Mechanics, Multi-physics & Materials in Extremes
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  • 2021-10-11 17:29:09|
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  • Solid Mechanics, Multi-physics & Materials in Extremes
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  • Cho, Hansohl

Laboratory Introduction

We tackle the complex engineering problems in emerging areas of Mechanics, Materials and Soft Matter using a combination of modeling, experimentation and computation. We are particularly interested in understanding physical principles underlying the large deformation, flow and interactions of solids and (macro- and micro-) structures (and liquids/fluids) in extreme, coupled and aerospace settings.

Research field

  • Mechanics, rheology and multi-physics of solids and condensed matter: polymeric solids and liquids, and crystalline matter
  • Extreme mechanics, multiphysics and (large deformation) plasticity in complex solids, liquids, composites (or copolymers) and energy materials
  • Materials-by-design and architected materials: mechanics, geometry and additive manufacturing for aerospace and energy applications
  • Matter vs. extreme, multi-physics (electromagnetic, electrochemical, radiation etc) environments interactions (e.g. reentry, landing, space and reactor environments)
  • Scientific computing and physical mathematics for aerospace computational design; Physics-based design of programmable materials and robotic matter